Sikh Weddings

A Sikh wedding is an exciting occasion where two people are joined in equal partnership. At the Bushey Country Club, we promise to deliver the wedding of your dreams and with a plethora of experience in Sikh weddings, we are confident that we can accommodate everything you need for your special day – we ensure to give you the wedding of your dreams. Our country house is the perfect venue for all kinds of weddings, and we promise to accommodate any special requirements you have from your preferred entertainment, photography, caterer, cakes and more.

Our venue includes a beautiful VIP bridal and groom suite which includes shower room, so that when you arrive from the Gurdwara the bride is at ease to adjust her hair and makeup for the reception.

image10 image9 Traditional,Sikh,Wedding,Sword,And,Bridal,Bouquet,On,A,Table.

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